"Students attain very high standards"- Ofsted

"Much of the school's success is due to a focus on improving teaching"- Ofsted

"Students respond well to teachers' enthusiasm and clear expectations"- Ofsted

"Teaching is outstanding"- Ofsted

Students, "manage their own behaviour exceptionally well "- Ofsted

"There is very good enrichment for academically gifted students" - Ofsted

"The array of links with other communities internationally is impressive" - Ofsted

"The impact of specialist status permeates the school's whole existence, philosophy and ethos" - Ofsted

"The impact of specialist status permeates the school's whole existence, philosophy and ethos" - Ofsted

“Lessons are a buzz of purposeful activity” - Ofsted

"Students attain very high standards"- Ofsted

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When your exam results arrive in August, we sincerely hope that they reflect accurately your effort and expectations, and also that there are no anomalies.

For some of you, these results will be needed by your intended college or University, so it is important that you keep them safe.

There will be several members of staff in the Main Hall when the results are handed out in case you have any questions.

If you feel that you would like to see any of your marked scripts, or you feel that there might have been an error in the marking, then there are a number of options available to you. These options fall into two types, Access To Scripts (ATS) and Enquiries About Results (EAR) and both will incur a cost to you if requested. If a Grade increases as a result of the Enquiry however, then the cost will be refunded, but only if the subject Grade increases, not just the paper/unit mark.

The various options are explained on these diagrams: -



There will be staff available on Results Days to assist you in working through the options.


The document explaining the Deadlines and Costs is: -

Post-Results Services Deadlines and Charges

Deadlines are set by the Examination Boards and cannot be moved – the earlier a request is made, the earlier the outcome will be known. Please do NOT leave it until the last day to make a request as it takes time to process them.


And the document that MUST be completed and signed by the Candidate requesting action is: -

Post-Results Services Enquiry, Consent and Payment Form.

No Requests will be submitted to the Boards unless the Candidate has signed this form and the payment has been received by the school. Cheques should be made payable to Tomlinscote School & 6th Form College.


As a reminder, the two Results Days are as follows: -

GCE/A & AS Level – Thursday 17th August 08:30 until 09:30

GCSE – Thursday 24th August 09:30 until 10:30


The final Certificates will be available for collection from the school in November, the exact dates and times will be announced on the school website so please keep an eye out for information.




1 to 9 Grading Explained


GCE - A Level Post Results Services Choices Diagram


GCSE Post Resutls Services Choices Diagram


Post-Results Services Deadlines and Charges


Post-Results Services Enquiry, Consent and Payment Form