"Students attain very high standards"- Ofsted

"Much of the school's success is due to a focus on improving teaching"- Ofsted

"Students respond well to teachers' enthusiasm and clear expectations"- Ofsted

"Teaching is outstanding"- Ofsted

Students, "manage their own behaviour exceptionally well "- Ofsted

"There is very good enrichment for academically gifted students" - Ofsted

"The array of links with other communities internationally is impressive" - Ofsted

"The impact of specialist status permeates the school's whole existence, philosophy and ethos" - Ofsted

"The impact of specialist status permeates the school's whole existence, philosophy and ethos" - Ofsted

“Lessons are a buzz of purposeful activity” - Ofsted

"Students attain very high standards"- Ofsted

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Category: Year 07
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pdf.pngNew Y7 Student Arrangements
Created 20-Jul-2017 13:15
Size 239.98 KB
Downloads 35
pdf.pngIntro Letter - Japanese / Chinese 2017-2019
Created 28-Jun-2017 13:55
Changed 29-Jun-2017 10:27
Size 326.51 KB
Downloads 44
pdf.pngParents' Evening Online Appt Booking Guide
Created 20-Jun-2017 14:35
Size 423.01 KB
Downloads 79
pdf.pngYear 7 Parents Evening Letter - July 2017
Created 20-Jun-2017 14:34
Size 704.92 KB
Downloads 72
pdf.pngFrench Exchange 2017-2018 intro letter June 17
Created 12-Jun-2017 13:51
Size 332.3 KB
Downloads 67
pdf.pngFrance-Parents evening 25.5.17 hotpic
Created 31-Mar-2017 08:27
Size 321.51 KB
Downloads 116
zip.pngDE Parents evening 23 5 17 hotpic
Created 31-Mar-2017 08:24
Size 320.81 KB
Downloads 131
pdf.pngYear 7 Sustainable Cities Enrichment Day 17.03.2017 hotpic
Created 14-Mar-2017 14:21
Size 308.09 KB
Downloads 122
pdf.pngEmotional Resilience for Transition Project Letter and Form hotpic
Created 02-Feb-2017 10:50
Size 340 KB
Downloads 164
pdf.pngiPad Update and Safety Information November 2016 hotpic
Created 14-Nov-2016 16:03
Size 794.2 KB
Downloads 160