"Students attain very high standards"- Ofsted

"Much of the school's success is due to a focus on improving teaching"- Ofsted

"Students respond well to teachers' enthusiasm and clear expectations"- Ofsted

"Teaching is outstanding"- Ofsted

Students, "manage their own behaviour exceptionally well "- Ofsted

"There is very good enrichment for academically gifted students" - Ofsted

"The array of links with other communities internationally is impressive" - Ofsted

"The impact of specialist status permeates the school's whole existence, philosophy and ethos" - Ofsted

"The impact of specialist status permeates the school's whole existence, philosophy and ethos" - Ofsted

“Lessons are a buzz of purposeful activity” - Ofsted

"Students attain very high standards"- Ofsted

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Scheme history:

Tomlinscote School has been committed to a 1:1 mobile device scheme in order to aid learning since 2010.  In September 2010 we initiated a Laptops for Learning scheme for Year 7 that was based on a Toshiba laptop. This has been an extremely successful scheme, but as technology and devices move on, it did become necessary to re-evaluate what each device could offer our students. We spent a great deal of time evaluating all the products currently on the market and took into account ease of use, educational apps, battery life, durability and found the iPad a more established platform and suitable device for use in education. In 2014 we introduced an iPads for Learning scheme for Year 10.  In 2015, for the first time, all students will have a device as a tool to aid their learning in the classroom.  Year 7, 10 and 11 students will have an iPads and Years 8 and 9 a Laptop.  Sixth Form students have the opportunity to bring their own device into the 6th Form College.

Our vision:

Tomlinscote School is committed to enhancing teaching & learning by using iPads in the classroom and at home.  We strongly believe in the importance of the iPad to add value and enrich day to day learning. 

Our iPad schemes aim to:

- enable our students to be more prepared for the21st Century digital age

- encourage learning to occur ‘anyplace, anytime’.

- encourage our students to become independent learners who take more responsibility for their own learning.

- provide the best possible environment and to create the most effective opportunities for good quality learning to take place.  It is another feature of the teacher & student tool kit to ensure the best possible learning can be achieved.

- encourage our students to be even more motivated and to enjoy their learning.

- raise standards of academic achievement.  

Adding value to learning:

Our June 2015 iPad evaluation survey of Year 10 students has shown that 63% feel that they are more motivated in the classroom since having the iPad and 42% stated that they are making better progress now because they have access to the iPad inside and outside of the classroom. 48% of students feel that they can work more collaboratively now with other students.

The students’ “Top ten” uses and thoughts of the iPad are:

- Reading texts and books

- “We have more time to research and explore”

- Word processing

- Mind mapping

- Participating in quizzes

- Using subject specific Apps to improve learning opportunities

- Creating or analysing video clips

- Researching information

- “Learning is more interactive & engaging now”

- Completing presentations of some form

- Designing  & annotating

- “The quizzes are really motivational because I am in competition with my friends”

- Listening to podcasts and revision materials

- “Language apps help me to learn my vocabulary”

Moving forwards:

We're pleased to be working in partnership with Albion; one of the biggest educational suppliers of Apple products. We're offering a "portal" for parents to register their interest in the scheme and full details can be found below. Thank you for your support in the last hugely successful years of helping us with our goal of 1:1 IT devices, and thank you for joining us in the next exciting stage!